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Master Brian McNamara

I am the lucky owner of Hood River Martial Arts, and am a 7th degree black belt with over 30 years of martial arts training. I've had the honor to represent the United States in competition in Puerto Rico and Canada. In addition to competing, I have successfully coached numerous athletes in domestic and international events.

I trained and tested under Grand Master Charles Sereff of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation, and I've had the privilege to train numerous times with the late General Choi Hong Hi.  In 2013, I opened this studio and started Original Taekwon-Do Hood River in Hood River, Oregon. 

Mrs. Ariella Figueroa

I began my Taekwon-Do journey in 1999, and eventually won the International Taekwon-Do Federation US National Championship three times: 2017- 4-6th dan female patterns, 2017 Pre-arranged sparring & 2018- 4-6th dan female patterns. What's really exciting is that I also became an International Taekwon-Do World Champion 2017- 4-6th dan female patterns ITF World Championships, Dublin Ireland! I strive for perfection and ask a lot from my students, but I also give a lot to my students. My students get detailed world class training that is both effective and powerful.

Mr. Shane Figueroa

I am a Third Dan Black Belt who specializes in teaching Taekwon-Do patterns with ITF world championship perfection. I have trained world champions and enjoy doing so.  


In addition to being a Taekwon-Do professional, I've recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from University of Nevada at Las Vegas in Kinesiology, so movement is something I am very perceptive to. I have recently relocated from Las Vegas to the Columbia River Gorge. 

Mr. Murray Zenk

 I started TaekwonDo in November of 2007 – knowing almost nothing about TaekwonDo. I accepted a standing invite to a class a coworker was teaching and decided to keep on going. My coworker was Scott Saccareccia, now Master Saccareccia of the OTFA. I followed Master Saccareccia through multiple styles and schools, eventually ending up with the ITF and the OTFA. Along the way I switched to studying under Master McNamara as I live in the Gorge and I was also fortunate enough to study with Masters Stewart (husband and wife) before they retired.


While I enjoy all aspects of TaekwonDo, Fundamental Exercises, Self Defense, Sparring and Patterns) my passion is for patterns and self defense techniques.a

Mrs. Sandra Bush

I started Taekwon-Do at age 40 at the YMCA to encourage my kids to get focused and get myself into shape. I received my 1st Dan Black Belt in December, 2018. I enjoy teaching, learning and coaching Taekwon-Do techniques. My other pastimes are landscape engineering, lavender farming and competing in Taekwon-Do tournaments. I have a husband (Mr. Kevin Bush) and two children, all of which have earned a black belt at Hood River Martial Arts.

Mr. James Patterson

I started training jiu-jitsu to learn effective self defense techniques while getting in to shape. I believe that training in jiu-jitsu can help kids – and adults – become the best version of themselves. I enjoy the rewarding experience of teaching kids and guiding them through learning new concepts and gaining confidence. 

I am currently a purple belt, teaching kids jiu-jitsu at the Hood River academy. 

Neil Lofgren

I bring 27 years of Aikido and over 14 years of Jodo and Iaido experience to his classes. My training and teaching emphasizes self-development over self-defense.


Through the teachings of Budo, we discover how to overcome our own limitations and move with strength, balance, and awareness.”