Taekwondo training improves, physical strength, balance, concentration, self-confidence and self-discipline

Personal growth is a major theme in taekwondo which follows the five guiding principles of etiquette, modesty, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit 

Kids martial arts in hood river

In Aikido we're learning how to move our body in relationship to someone else, how to keep our balance while taking theirs, and how to fall down without getting hurt. Kids learn to count in Japanese and they learn the names for key concepts, but most importantly, they learn to coordinate and control their body through fun movement games and tumbling. 

Kids martial arts in hood river

The lessons BJJ impart are not just about fighting or martial arts. They extend to character and the mind. Bjj teaches the lesson of how to be confortable in an uncomfortable situation. It translates to areas where life becomes challenging and you must adjust. There are benefits of community and humility as well body awareness and self preservation. There are also tangible goals: Getting your black belt or simply being better than you were yesterday.

Kids Martial Arts