Kids Aikido 

Aikido can be translated as "the Way of Harmony", and is a peaceful approach to the ancient Japanese Budo traditions.


Aikido is a great art for kids because it is not combative or aggressive. Kids learn how to fall and roll without getting hurt, how to move their body in response to an attack, and how to keep their balance while taking the attacker's balance away. Kids also learn to count in Japanese and speak some Japanese terms, but most importantly, they learn to coordinate and control their body through fun movement games and tumbling.

Neil Lofgren

Aikido & Jodo Instructor 
Phone: 541.386.2025 

Neil brings over 30 years of Aikido and over 15 years of Jodo and Iaido experience to his classes. His training and teaching emphasize self-development over self-defense.


“Through the teachings of Budo, we discover how to overcome our own limitations and move with strength, balance, and awareness.”

(541) 490-4344

1016 11th St, Hood River, OR 97031, USA

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